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For almost 20 years, Algart International Inc. has been exporting superior quality herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals, specialty supplements, medicinal herbs, aromatic plants, herbal teas and organic foods and beverages. The products offered by Algart are manufactured according to the highest standards of quality, which guarantee their consistent active potency, proven nutritional bio-availability and freshness. Those products also comply with Canada's Natural Health Products Regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Algart’s foods and beverages are organic certified either by Quality Assurance International or ECOCERT Canada, the world’s most recognized certifications because of their strict regulations. In addition, most of Algart’s teas are Fair Trade certified. Fair Trade helps farmers and their families make a better living by ensuring that they are paid a decent price for what they produce.

People are becoming more conscious of the ingredients, effectiveness and side effects of the products they use. That’s why, at Algart, we make sure that the products we offer are safe and effective, so the people that buy them can achieve the healthy lifestyle they deserve!